300-085 Dumps, Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications v1.0 (CAPPS)

The Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications v1.0 (CAPPS) exam is a 96 questions assessment that tests candidates on the integration options of Cisco Unified IM and Presence, Cisco Unity Express, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Prime Collaboration, and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite in a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution. It covers voice messaging deployment scenarios, Cisco Unified IM and Presence features, and the implementation of Cisco Jabber. The exam also covers Cisco Prime Collaboration features and the role of Cisco TelePresence Management Suite in a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution.

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the 300-085 exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the 300-085 exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

As for advice on what to look out for 300-085 exam, the advice is as follow:
-Learn the TMS features inside an out – both administrative, and from the user perspective (I struggled on this because I never use TMS! It was set and forget in our environment!)
-Really make sure your confident on setting up VCS, TMS and TMSXE/PE from scratch. Just like in CIPTV2 you had to know all the setting up caveats for CUCM, VCS C/E and how they all communicate together, learn just as well how the provisioning side works between the TMS triangle of servers.
-Make sure you understand how IM&P and CUCM communicate with eachother, and what tools to use when troubleshooting IM&P problems. Also should make sure you understand MRA functionality with Presence specifically (IM&P, CUCM and VCS relationships).
-This isn’t mentioned on the exam blueprint, but make sure you also understand how multiple servers communicate with each other in clusters versus single server setup (CUCM cluster with a IM&P cluster Unity Connection cluster w/ CUCM cluster). I made the mistake of thinking setting up a lab with one callmanager server, one set of expressway servers and one IM&P server would get me enough practice/experience and I forgot about the difference when accounting for clusters!
-Make sure you know how video functions of Unity Connection work, how to set it up and requirements etc..We don’t use mediasense in our production environment, and therefore I kind of spaced reviewing how to setup video greetings, video voicemails etc.

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300-085 Dumps

Ten Reasons You Should Get Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certified

Earning a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification is the best way for you to prepare for a successful career in networking. Which is a great reason all by itself. But there are lots more. So read on, and discover the many advantages of a CCNA Routing and Switching certification—and the many reasons why you should earn one.
300-135 pdf
1. You’ll Be Certified by the Networking Leader
Cisco pioneered routing and switching technologies—and continues to lead the way, with the greatest market share and largest installed base across many industries. The overwhelming majority of today’s Internet traffic travels over network pathways built with Cisco infrastructure products. If you’re trained and certified to work on Cisco products, your skills will be more marketable, and more in demand.

2. Certification Is the Foundation That Networking Careers Are Built Upon
Ever since the CCNA program began, Cisco certifications have been coveted by network engineers and employers all over the world. According to recent research from IDC, Cisco skills are among the most included skills in hiring requirements. They are included more frequently than 97 percent of all skills requested. The need for an intimate understanding of network infrastructure and protocols, and how they work together, has always been relevant. Now, that need is intensifying. A Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification provides you with the knowledge and expertise to succeed in networking, even as technologies continue to evolve. The program teaches you to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products that are at the very heart of the Internet of Things.

3. Certification Gives You More Career Options
With a CCNA Routing and Switching certification, your IT career path will have seemingly limitless possibilities. IDC has found that seven out of 10 organizations look for certifications when they’re hiring or promoting. With Cisco, you can continue upward along the Routing and Switching track, progressing through the Professional and Expert levels. Or you can apply your core skill to technologies such as Cloud, Collaboration, Data Center, Network Programmability, Wireless, or Security. These growing specialties are propelling IT forward. With Cisco by your side, you’ll be uniquely prepared to take your career in whatever direction you want to go.

4. Certification Prepares You for Network Evolution in the Digital Era
As business becomes increasingly transformed by digitization, the network infrastructure is experiencing radical change. Much of the manual process of operating traditional networks has given way to a software-driven network architecture that depends on virtualization, automation, analytics, cloud service management, and the ability of the architecture to be open and extensible. Recent IDC research reveals that network engineers and architects are some of the most important future IT roles to help support these changes. Professionals looking to advance in IT networking today need to embrace the shift. Cisco has introduced its Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) to exploit the power of today’s network and is committed to helping you align to it starting with CCNA Routing and Switching.

5. Certification Keeps You Current on All the Latest Technology Changes
In addition to encompassing major network architecture shifts such as with Cisco DNA, Cisco continually surveys the changing IT landscape for myriad technological developments that have an impact on our certifications and your job role as a networking pro. CCNA Routing and Switching is no exception. Cisco’s latest revision to the curriculum incorporates an understanding of quality of service (QoS) elements and their applicability, the interactions and network functions of firewalls, and wireless controllers and access points, along with additional focus on IPv6 and basic network security.

6. Certification Helps You Stand Out with Your Employer
By pursuing your Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification, you’re telling your employer that you want to excel in your career. Managers notice that kind of initiative. IDC has found that 82 percent of digital transformation leaders believe that people with certifications help accelerate innovation. And there’s particular credibility associated with Cisco certifications. In fact, prospective employers routinely use a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification as a search engine term, or as a criterion for identifying job candidates.

7. Certification Helps You Learn from Your Peers
As more professionals are earning Cisco certifications, a vibrant learning and career development community called the Cisco Learning Network has emerged. This community is made up of nearly a million professionals, and provides valuable support, as members help one another study, learn, and pursue their IT goals. When you become a member of the Cisco Learning Network, you gain immediate access to study groups, training videos, peer-to-peer advice, and an impressive wealth of exam information.

8. Certification Gives You a Full Range of Training Options
There’s more than one way to learn. And, through our Cisco Authorized Learning Partners, we offer a complete suite of flexible training options to make it easier for you to earn your CCNA Routing and Switching certification. You can enroll in instructor-led training, a virtual classroom experience, or hands-on labs for the ICND1 and ICND2 components of a CCNA Routing and Switching certification. The Cisco Learning Network Store offers self-paced e-learning, learning labs, and practice exams all geared to prepare you for your certification test day. In addition, our authorized publisher Cisco Press offers a wealth of resources.

9. Certification Helps Increase Your Paycheck
Salaries for IT networking jobs continue to surge, often fueled by a worldwide talent shortage. And your Cisco certification increases your earning potential. In its 2018 Technology Salary Guide, Robert Half Technology lists CCNA Routing and Switching certification as one of the most sought-after certifications in North America, and adds that employers may increase salaries 5 to 10 percent for evidence of such in-demand abilities. In addition, many organizations frequently offer lucrative rewards and recognition for employees who earn Cisco certifications.

10. And Don’t Forget: There Is Value in Recertification
When it comes time to recertify your status as an IT superstar, you can be confident that the effort will remain a powerful, industry-recognized way to validate your knowledge. That’s because Cisco continually monitors its certifications to ensure that they are keeping pace with IT requirements. When you adopt the attitude of a lifelong learner and recertify, you make sure you are up to date in the training that you have worked hard for.

300-135 pdf

A Question About RSTP Of CCNA

Refer to the exhibit. The output that is shown is generated at a switch. Which three of these statements are1 t$ U6 k8 ]1 s* L0 D# b! z$ i true? (Choose three.)
200-105 pdf
I can’t understand a bit.This E option said that all ports are fwd forwarding status. Why it is showed to go through three processes in A option?
If all ports are in the fwd forwarding state, does it mean that this is the root switch?

It’s important to understand the meaning of the question and option. It is just a spanning tree showing vlan30 here, so the F option is definitely wrong. The A option means that all interfaces will go through three states, that is because the RSTY protocol is used here.
Replied:But there is a sentence “This bridge is the root” in the F option.
“Spanning tree enabled protocol rstp”, Here RSTP means RPVST+7 P) `* G’ X- C” L” Q
What does PV mean in the meaning of RPVST+?
It means Per-VLAN6 c7 [2 P* c8 q0 L- k” X5 m |8 f: X
The title only shows the situation of VLAN30, F option is “root bridge for ALL vlan”
Replied:Thank you so much. I get it.

Cisco 200-105 pdf

Why Am I addicted to Certification Exam

I have explained my reasoning to my peers on many occasions in hopes to inspire them to better themselves. Sadly the message sometimes does not make a dent and is met with a deaf ear. I went as far as to take and pass the 4 major CCNA exams (Network, Voice, Security & Wireless) just to get a broad knowledge base and to see which area I really wanted to pursue. I find I want to learn them all, but I decided to stay with Route/Switch for the time being. Even though I am a certified VoIP expert on another vendor’s product the networks that I deal with the most use Cisco and I find myself constantly reviewing router and switch configurations to support Enterprise level VoIP environments. Adding that skill to my technical arsenal has not made me a better voice engineer, but a much better overall engineer. Once I had knowledge of the network side of what possibly could be causing voice problems reduced downtime and helped me to offer alternative issues to explore in the network. That in itself is quite satisfying!

Someone once told me “the more you learn, the more you earn” and I have found that is very true statement! Since I have attained my first Cisco CCNA certification I have seen my paycheck increase easily by 30%! There really are fringe benefits to continually learning and certifying! (Personal satisfaction notwithstanding.) I will take my first CCNP level exam (Switch 642-813) and, if all goes well, hope to have my full CCNP certification by the end of October. Then I will see what other challenges I will pursue next.

For those who wonder it it is worth the time and investment, I offer this to think about:
If you invest in your career you are also investing in your future in more ways than you know.

300-085 dumps

Best Useful 300-101 Study Guide, Cisco 300-101 Dump

Examprepwell delivers you the best possible study guide which is also updated regularly to take your Cisco 300-101 exam. The Cisco 300-101 exam dump is planned and researched by IT experts who are very much involved in the IT field. They have been trying their level best to create concise and logical study guide by using their data. Using the product of Examprepwell will not only help you pass the 300-101 dump but also safe a bright future for you ahead.

300-101 Dump
Latest Cisco 300-101 dum questions and answers (15Q&As)
You have created an image map in Adobe ImageReady. When the user click on the link in their browser, you want the link to display in a new window. Which option in the Image Map palette should you choose from the Target Pull-down menu?
A. _top
B. _self
C. _blank
D. _parent
Correct Answer: C

You have selected the shape tool, and want to draw a shape as a raster image. Which icon (designated by the red arrows) in the options bar should you select?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Correct Answer: D

You must commit changes to a type layer before you can perform other operations. Which keyboard stroke commits you changes.
A. pressing Shigt+Enter
B. pressing the Enter key
C. pressing the Enter key on the numeric keypad
D. pressing Option+Enter (Mac OS) or ALT+Enter (Windows)
Correct Answer: C

Which two file formats support annotations? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: BD

Which tool should you use to reposition a point on an existing path?
A. pen
B. move
C. direct-selection
D. path component selection
Correct Answer: C

You have created point type consisting of one word. You want the first character to be lower than the other characters in the word. After selecting the first character, what should you do?
A. increase the value for leading
B. increase the value for leading
C. enter a positive value for baseline shift
D. enter a negative value for baseline shift
Correct Answer: D

You want to modify the lossiness setting to vary the compression of different areas on a Web graphic. What must be created before you can apply the settings?
A. a matte
B. a layer mask
C. a clipping path
D. an alpha channel
Correct Answer: D

Which aspect of paragraph type do the Every-line composer and single-line composer control?
A. leading
B. font size
C. breakpoints
D. character height
Correct Answer: C

Which varies JPEG quality settings across a selected slice?
A. a matte
B. an ICC profile
C. an image map
D. an alpha channel
Correct Answer: D

What is and advantage of using Every-line composer when creating paragraph type?
A. Line breaks can be controlled manually.
B. Text is more evenly spaced with fewer hyphens.
C. Each line is evaluated independent for the best line break.
D. Hyphenation is preferred over compressed or expanded letter spacing.
Correct Answer: B

You have created a simple graphic with flat color and type that will be used on a Web site.
Which file format should you use to save the documents?
Correct Answer: B

You use the pen tool to create a new shape layer. You want to export the path you created so you can use it in a drawing program. What should you do?
A. choose Save Path form the Paths palette menu.
B. choose Clipping Path from the Paths palette menu.
C. select the shape layer and choose File>Export>Paths to Illustrator
D. select the background layer and choose File>Export>Paths to Illustrator
Correct Answer: C

You have created a multichannel file with two spot color channels. There are no other channels inn the file. Which file format should you use when saving the file?
D. Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0
Correct Answer: D

You have created a banner for your Web page that includes fully transparent areas. Which two file formats preserve transparency when you save the file? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AD

You make a selection by using the rectangular marquee. How do you modify the selection marquee without effecting the image?
A. choose Edit>Free Transform
B. choose Select>Transform Selection
C. choose Filter>Distort and select an option
D. choose Edit>Transform and select and option
Correct Answer: B

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Help to Pass Cisco 100-105 PDF Dumps

Get the latest 100-105 pdf from the examprepwell and pass an exam with ease. These 100-105 Exam dumps have been made and verified by our IT experts. Real 100-105 questions and answers. 100% ensure you pass in your first time. Software Free, and Real Questions & Answers you can read below.
Exam Name:Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)
Exam Code:100-105
Total Questions:117Q&As
100-105 PDF
Latest ADM-201 practice exam questions and answers (19Q&As)
You want to save an image with file size compression but NO loss in image quality. Which file format should you select?
C. Adobe Photoshop EPS
D. Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0

Correct Answer: A
You want a color correction to be applied to images as their data is sent to a printer. Which option on the Output pop-up menu of the Print Options dialog box should you use?
A. Bleed
B. Screen
C. Transfer
D. Background
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: C

You have created a quadtone image and need to print separations. It is important that the screen angle of each color is _______.
A. 53 lpi
B. different
C. the same
D. diamond shaped
Correct Answer: B

You have created a Photoshop document that contains two spot channels. You need to place the graphic din a page layout application. Which file format should you use to save the document?
B. Scitex CT
C. Adobe Photoshop EPS
D. Adobe Photoshoe DCS 2.0
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which option is available when you save file in EPS format?
A. Matte
B. Transparency
C. Baseline Optimized
D. Include Halftone Screen
Correct Answer: D

For duotone images, what has an impact to how the color in the image will appear in print?
A. the order in which the colors are printed.
B. the order in which the layer in file were created.
C. the Preview selected in the Save As DCS 2.0 dialog box.
D. the amount of bleed specified in the Output pop-up menu of the Print Options dialog box.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 107
With which format can you save a document and maintain all alpha channels and layers?
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: C

Which three file format allow you to save layer information in the File? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: AC

Which option is available when saving an image as Photoshop EPS?
A. Interlaced
B. Matte Color
C. LZW Compression
D. Include Halftone Screen
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: D

You are printing a 72 ppi image and choose to scale the image to 50% in the Print Options dialog box. To which resolution will the image be printed?
A. 36 ppi
B. 72 ppi
C. 144 ppi
D. 360 ppi
Correct Answer: C

On PostScript Level 2 or higher printers that have interpolation capability, what occurs when you select Interpolation in the Print Options dialog box?
A. A low resolution image will automatically be resampled up.
B. A low resolution image will automatically be resampled down.
C. A high resolution image will automatically be resampled up.
D. A high resolution image will automatically be resampled down.
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: A

Exhibit: You want to create the hard and soft edge around an image. What area the red arrows indicating in the Zebra layer on the Layers. Palette? (Choose two.)
A. a layer mask
B. a clipping group
C. an adjustment layer
D. a layer clipping path
Correct Answer: AD

You are working with a 3 inch 5 inch image that will be printed on gloss paper with a line screen of 133. Which resolution should you use for the image.
A. 60 ppi
B. 85 ppi
C. 133 ppi
D. 266 ppi
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: D

You want to place multiple copies of a source image on a single page. Which Automate command should you use?
A. Fit Image
B. Contact Sheet
C. Picture Package
D. Web Photo Gallery
Correct Answer: C

What is and advantage of using Every-line composer when creating paragraph type?
A. Line breaks can be controlled manually.
B. Text is more evenly spaced with fewer hyphens.
C. Each line is evaluated independent for the best line break.
D. Hyphenation is preferred over compressed or expanded letter spacing.
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: B

You want to create the hard and soft edge around an image. What area the red arrows indicating in the Zebra layer on the Layers. Palette? (Choose two.)
A. a layer mask
B. a clipping group
C. an adjustment layer
D. a layer clipping path
Correct Answer: AD

You are working with a 3 inch 5 inch image that will be printed on gloss paper with a line screen of 133. Which resolution should you use for the image.
A. 60 ppi
B. 85 ppi
C. 133 ppi
D. 266 ppi
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: D

You want to place multiple copies of a source image on a single page. Which Automate command should you use?
A. Fit Image
B. Contact Sheet
C. Picture Package
D. Web Photo Gallery
Correct Answer: C

What is and advantage of using Every-line composer when creating paragraph type?
A. Line breaks can be controlled manually.
B. Text is more evenly spaced with fewer hyphens.
C. Each line is evaluated independent for the best line break.
D. Hyphenation is preferred over compressed or expanded letter spacing.
100-105 pdf Correct Answer: B

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Newest 98-367 Dumps PDF With Real Questions & Answers

Studying for Microsoft 98-367 dumps? Microsoft 98-367 dumps pdf cover all the knowledge points of the real 98-367 exam. Latest 98-367 dumps pdf questions and answers try free youtube will be more popular. Examprepwell Microsoft 98-367 dumps exam questions answers are updated (124Q&As) are verified by experts. People around the world prefer 98-367 exam to make their careers more strengthened and successful.

98-367 Dumps PDF

Latest Microsoft 98-367 dumps pdf questions and answers (17Q&As)

How are cached usernames and passwords cleared from the memory of a R71 Security Gateway?
A. By retrieving LDAP user information using the command fw f etchldap
B. By using the Clear User Cache button in Smart Dashboard
C. Usernames and password only clear from memory after they time out
D. By installing a Security Policy
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

When you use the Global Properties default settings on R71. Which type of traffic will be dropped?
A. RIP traffic
B. Smart Update connections
C. Outgoing traffic originating from the Security Gateway
D. Firewall logging and ICA key-exchange information ActualTests.com
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: A

URL Filtering Policy ran make exceptions for specific sites by being enforced?
A. Only for specific sources and destinations
B. For all traffic, except on specific sources and destinations
C. For all traffic, except blocked sites
D. For all traffic, There are no exceptions
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: B

You are the Security Administrate for university The University’s FTP servers have old hardware and software. Certain FTP command causes the FTP servers to malfunction Upgrading the FTP servers is not an optional this time. Where you can define blocked FTP commands passing through the Security Gateway protecting the FTP servers?
A. IPS > Protections > By Protocol > IPS Software Blade > Application Intelligence > FTP > FTP advanced protections>FTP Commands
B. FTP Service Object > Advanced > Blocked FTP Commands
C. Global Properties > Firewall > Security Server > Allowed FTP Commands
D. Rule Base > Service Field > Edit Properties
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: A

Spoofing is a method of:
A. Hiding your firewall from unauthorized users.
B. Disguising an illegal IP address behind an authorized IP address through port address Translation.
C. Making packets appear as if they come from an authorized IP address
D. Detecting people using false or wrong authentication logins.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: C

You plan to migrate a Windows NG with Application Intelligence (Ai) R55 SmartCener server to R71. You also plan to upgrade four VPN-1 pro Gateways at remote offices and one local VPN-1 pro gateway at your company’s head quarter to R71. The management server configuration must be migrated. What is the correct procedure to migrate the configuration?
A. 1. Upgrade the remote gateway via smartUpdate.
2. upgrade the security management server, using the R71 CD
B. 1. From the R71 CD-ROM on the security management server, select Upgrade
2.Reboot after installation and upgrade all licenses via SmartUpdate
3.Reinstall all gateways using R 70 and install a policy
C. 1. Copy the $PWDIR\ conf directory from the security management server
2.Save directory contents to another file server
3.Uninstall the security management server, and install anew security management server
4.Move the saved directory contents to $ PWDIR\conf replacing the default installation files
5.Reinstall all gateways using R71 and install a security policy
D. 1. From the R71 CD- ROM in the security management server, select export
2.Install R 70 on a new PC using the option installation using imported configuration
3.Reboot after installation and update all licenses via smartUpdate
4.Upgrade software on all five remote Gateway via SmartUpdate
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

When john first installed the system, he forgets to configure DNS servers on the security Gateway. How could John configure DNS servers now that his security gateway is in production?
A. Login to the firewall using SSH and run cpconfig, than select domain name servers
B. Login to the firewall using SSH and run fwn, than select system configuration and domain name servers.
C. Login to the smart dashboard, edit the firewall gate object, select the tab interface, than domain name servers
D. Login to the firewall using SSH and run sysconfig, then select domain name servers.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

You have an NGX R65 have gateway running on Security platform. The Gateway also serves as a Policy Server. When you run patch add CD from security Gateway R71 CD-ROM. what does this command allow you to upgrade?
A. Only the R71 Security Gateway
B. Only the patch utility is upgraded using this command
C. All products, except the Policy Server
D. Both the operating system and all Check Point products
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which of the following explanations best describes the command fw logswitch {-h taeget} {+ 1 -} {oldlog}
A. Display a remote machine’s log-file list.
B. Control Kernel
C. Display protocol Hosts
D. Create a new Log file. The old log has moved
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which of the following uses the same key to decrypt as it does to encrypt?
A. Asymmetric encryption
B. Symmetric encryption
C. Certificate-based encryption
D. Dynamic encryption
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: B

NAT can be implemented on which of the following lists of objects?
A. Domain network
B. Host network
C. Host user
D. Network, Dynamic Object
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which security servers can perform authentication task, but CANNOT perform content security tasks?
C. Telnet
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C

Central license management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following functions? 1) Check for expired licenses. 2) Sort licenses and view license properties 3) Attach both R71 Central and Local licenses to a remote module 4) Delete both R71 Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module 5) Add or remove a license to or from the license repository 6) Attach and/or delete only R71 Central licenses to a remote module (not local licenses)
A. 2.5.&6
B. 2.3.4.&5
C. L 2. 5.& 6
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which smear view tracker selection would most effectively show who installed a security policy blocking all traffic from the corporate network?
A. Custom filter
B. Network and Endpoint tab
C. Management Tab
D. Active tab
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C

Identify the ports to which the Client authentication daemon listens default?
A. 256, 600
B. 80, 256
C. 8080, 529
D. 259, 900
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

Select the correct statement about secure internal communication (S|C) certificates, S|C certificates?
A. Increase network security by securing administrative communication with a two factor challenge response authentication.
B. Uniquely identify the machines installed with check point software only. They have the same function as RSA authentication certificates.
C. Are for security Gateways created during the security management server installation. ActualTests.com
D. Can be used for securing internal network communication between the security gateway and an OPSEC device.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

What is the syntax for uninstalling a package using newpkg?
A. -s (pathname of package)
B. -u (pathname of package)
C. Newpkg CANNOT be used to install
D. -i (full pathname of package)
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C QUESTION 251

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300-320 VCE

Latest Cisco 300-320 VCE questions and answers (12Q&As)

Which three characteristics are associated with the access layer of a Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric
network? (Choose three.)
A. no packet manipulation
B. QoS ?policing
C. voice, data, and wireless convergence
D. scalable routing protocols
E. provides default gateway redundancy
F. QoS ?classification and queuing
G. routing manipulation and filtering
H. aggregates end users
300-320 exam Correct Answer: CFH

Which two technologies minimize or eliminate the need for STP in the data center? (Choose two.)
B. FabricPath
D. vPC
300-320 vce Correct Answer: BD

Which three options are examples of NHRP? (Choose three.)
300-320 pdf Correct Answer: BCD

Which four components would you select to meet a customer requirement of up to 80 Gb/s Ethernet
bandwidth to a Cisco UCS M230 M3 blade server? (Choose four.)
A. Cisco UCS 5108
B. Cisco UCS 2204XP
C. Cisco UCS 6248UP
D. Cisco UCS 5596UP
E. Cisco UCS P81E
F. Cisco UCS 2208XP
G. Cisco UCS 6110XP
H. Cisco UCS VIC 1280
Correct Answer: ACFH

Which three features are part of Cisco DCNM for SAN Advanced Edition? (Choose three.)
A. federation and VSAN scoping
B. VM-aware discovery and path analysis
C. fabric performance monitoring
D. event lookup
E. VSAN zoning
300-320 vce Correct Answer: ABC

Which statement about Cisco VM-FEX technology is true?
A. VM-FEX collapses virtual and physical networking infrastructure into a single infrastructure that is fully
aware of the virtual machine locations and networking policies.
B. VM-FEX requires a Cisco VIC CNA and supports only static vNICs and single-OS deployments.
C. VIC CNAs provide software-based switching of traffic to and from virtual machine interfaces.
D. VM-FEX eliminates the need for VMware integration and virtual machine management performed
through the VMware vCenter.
E. The Cisco VICs supports up to 1024 dynamic virtual adapters and interfaces.
Correct Answer: A

Give the above configuration example answer the following question.
What is the Server type configured in the above example?
A. B200 M2
B. B250 M2
C. B220 M3
D. B300 M3
300-320 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which two options are benefits when you implement server virtualization in your data center? (Choose
A. No additional operating system license is required.
B. Cost effectiveness is improved.
C. This is a data center virtualization trend.
D. Power consumption is reduced.
E. Configuration of routing protocol is simplified.
Correct Answer: BD

The client’s data center manager has requested the physical weights of the equipment in your Cisco UCS
design along with the power and cooling requirements. Where in cisco.com can you find this information?
A. the product datasheets
B. the Cisco UCS power calculator
C. the Cisco UCS GUI Configuration Guide
D. the Cisco UCS Hardware Installation Guide
E. the Hardware and Software Interoperability Matrix Utility Tool
300-320 exam Correct Answer: B

In the Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers, which option is the first produ
FEX technology?
A. Cisco UCS P81E VIC
B. Cisco UCS M72KR-E Emulex Converged Network Adapter
C. Cisco UCS M61KR-I Intel Converged Network Adapter
D. Cisco UCS M81KR Virtual Interface Card
300-320 vce Correct Answer: D

Which two features are provided by Cisco Prime NAM? (Choose two.)
A. configuration management of Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS series de
B. comprehensive analysis of deployed software versions and recomme
C. detailed insight into overlay networks and virtual machine deploymen
D. centralized management of hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V a
E. detailed flow- and packet-based traffic analysis for network administr
F. basic tools for troubleshooting and managing external storage system
300-320 pdf Correct Answer: CE

Which three parameters are unaffected by the values on the port channe
channel? (Choose three.)
A. description
B. bandwidth
C. Cisco Discovery Protocol
D. LACP port priority
E. MAC address
F. Spanning Tree Protocol
G. service policy
300-320 vce Correct Answer: ACD

Which tool can you use to evaluate server containment and consolidatio
A. VMware Capacity Planner
B. Device Discovery in Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager
C. Observer Infrastructure
D. NetApp OnCommand Balance
300-320 vce Correct Answer: A

Which option is a characteristic of the data center access layer?
A. endpoints for applications in the data center
B. route redistribution and route summarization
C. provides connectivity for network and application services
D. traffic inspection and route filtering
Correct Answer: A

You have a vPC domain that contains a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series pair. You plan to implement HSRP.
Which feature must you enable to ensure that forwarding paths are load balanced between two active
A. auto-recovery
B. role-priority
C. peer-switch
D. peer-gateway
300-320 dumps Correct Answer: D

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EX200 Dumps PDF

Latest EX200 dumps pdf questions and answers (10Q&As)

11. Which formula retrieves the data for January sales in Smart View?
A. =HsGetCell(“A#Sales.P#January.”)
B. =HsGetValue(“Account#Sales.Period#January.”)
C. =HsGetCell(“Account#Sales.Period#January.”)
D. =HsGetValue(“A#Sales.P#January.”)
EX200 dumps Answer: B

12. To use Multiple data sources in Financial Reporting, the data sources:
A. Need to be defined on separate reports inside a book.
B. Can be on the same page, but segregated by grid.
C. Can be assigned by Row and Column.
D. Can be assigned to specific cells.
Answer: C

13. In Smart View, Excel formulas that you add to data cells are automatically preserved in which of these
actions? (CHOOSE THREE)
A. Using the Keep Only or Remove Only function.
B. Zooming in or zooming out.
C. Pivoting data from a row to a column.
D. Refreshing the Ad Hoc grid.
EX200 pdf Answer: ABD

14. Which two statements are true about a User Point of View in Hyperion Analyzer Reports? (CHOOSE
A. A User Point of View cannot be deleted.
B. A User Point of View can be shared with other users.
C. Users can only superimpose a Point of View on reports using the same database connection
D. The User Point of View checkbox in Cube Navigator enables and disables the Point of View for the
database query.
EX200 pdf Answer: CD

15. System Journal Reports require to be generated and saved. (CHOOSE TWO)
A. Journal Filters
B. a report description
C. a Report Style Sheet
D. the columns that have been defined
Answer: CD

16. SCENARIO: User A is created in Hyperion Reports and is assigned the role of Viewer. User A is then
assigned to Group B which has the roles of Security Administrator and System Administrator. Which
role(s) does User A have in Hyperion Reports?
A. Viewer only
B. Designer and Viewer only
C. System Administrator and Security Administrator only
D. System Administrator, Security Administrator, Designer, and Viewer
EX200 exam Answer: D

17. An HFM user is creating a journal report on the web. Which three dimensions from the POV are
available on the Properties panel to select members? (CHOOSE THREE.)
A. Value
B. Entity
C. Period
D. Account
E. Scenario
Answer: ACE

18. Which steps are needed to change a Hyperion Analyzer Spreadsheet to a Chart?
A. Tool Bar > Charts
B. Tool Bar > Tools > Charts
C. Tool Bar > Display > Charts
D. Tool Bar > Display > Pinboard
Answer: C

19. Which three functions are available in the Manage Servers and Applications window? (CHOOSE
A. Logout Users
B. System Messages
C. Enable Connections
D. Disable Connections
EX200 pdf Answer: ACD

20. Which functionality is NOT available when opening a data form in Smart View?
A. Calculating data
B. Add cell text
C. Add Member
D. Add formulas
Answer: C

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