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200-105 dumps exam

Latest 200-105 dumps questions and answers (10Q&As)

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 1
Which Aruba controllers are able to provide IEEE 802.3af POE? (Choose all the correct answers.)
A. 3200
B. 620
C. 650
D. 6000
Correct Answer: BCD

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 2
Which of the following controllers has an integrated single radio AP?
A. 3200
B. 620
C. 650
D. 651
Correct Answer: D

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 3
What is the maximum number of campus APs supported by a 620 controller?
A. 32
B. 8
C. 16
D. 24
Correct Answer: B

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 4
Which access point models support concurrent operations in both the ?b/g? band as well as the ?a? band? (Choose all the correct answers.)
B. AP-120
C. AP-105
D. AP-125
E. AP-135
Correct Answer: CDE

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 5
Which of the following APs do not support dual radio operations? (Choose all the correct answers.)
A. RAP – 5
B. AP 125
C. AP 120
D. AP 124
Correct Answer: AC

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 6
Which of the following APs support remote AP operation?
A. AP 105
B. AP 125
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: D

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 7
An Aruba based network has a Master and three local controllers. No APs terminate on the Master
controller. IDS is desired, so the administrator wants to install the “RFProtect license.”
On which controller should the license be installed?
A. master controller since it performs the IDS analysis
B. the local controllers since the APs terminate there
C. all of the controllers
D. this isn’t the correct license for this purpose
Correct Answer: C

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 8
What do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?
A. controller’s MAC address and the feature description
B. controller’s MAC address and the certificate number
C. controller’s Serial Number and the feature description
D. controller’s Serial Number and the certificate number
Correct Answer: D

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 9
What are the PEF-NG license limits based on?
A. Number of APs
B. Limit One per controller
C. Number of users
D. Number of local controllers
Correct Answer: A

200-105 Dumps QUESTION 10
Which of the following licenses are consumed by RAP?
A. AP license
B. PEF-NG license
C. PEF-V license
D. No license required
Correct Answer: A

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