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300-101 Dump
Latest Cisco 300-101 dum questions and answers (15Q&As)
You have created an image map in Adobe ImageReady. When the user click on the link in their browser, you want the link to display in a new window. Which option in the Image Map palette should you choose from the Target Pull-down menu?
A. _top
B. _self
C. _blank
D. _parent
Correct Answer: C

You have selected the shape tool, and want to draw a shape as a raster image. Which icon (designated by the red arrows) in the options bar should you select?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Correct Answer: D

You must commit changes to a type layer before you can perform other operations. Which keyboard stroke commits you changes.
A. pressing Shigt+Enter
B. pressing the Enter key
C. pressing the Enter key on the numeric keypad
D. pressing Option+Enter (Mac OS) or ALT+Enter (Windows)
Correct Answer: C

Which two file formats support annotations? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: BD

Which tool should you use to reposition a point on an existing path?
A. pen
B. move
C. direct-selection
D. path component selection
Correct Answer: C

You have created point type consisting of one word. You want the first character to be lower than the other characters in the word. After selecting the first character, what should you do?
A. increase the value for leading
B. increase the value for leading
C. enter a positive value for baseline shift
D. enter a negative value for baseline shift
Correct Answer: D

You want to modify the lossiness setting to vary the compression of different areas on a Web graphic. What must be created before you can apply the settings?
A. a matte
B. a layer mask
C. a clipping path
D. an alpha channel
Correct Answer: D

Which aspect of paragraph type do the Every-line composer and single-line composer control?
A. leading
B. font size
C. breakpoints
D. character height
Correct Answer: C

Which varies JPEG quality settings across a selected slice?
A. a matte
B. an ICC profile
C. an image map
D. an alpha channel
Correct Answer: D

What is and advantage of using Every-line composer when creating paragraph type?
A. Line breaks can be controlled manually.
B. Text is more evenly spaced with fewer hyphens.
C. Each line is evaluated independent for the best line break.
D. Hyphenation is preferred over compressed or expanded letter spacing.
Correct Answer: B

You have created a simple graphic with flat color and type that will be used on a Web site.
Which file format should you use to save the documents?
Correct Answer: B

You use the pen tool to create a new shape layer. You want to export the path you created so you can use it in a drawing program. What should you do?
A. choose Save Path form the Paths palette menu.
B. choose Clipping Path from the Paths palette menu.
C. select the shape layer and choose File>Export>Paths to Illustrator
D. select the background layer and choose File>Export>Paths to Illustrator
Correct Answer: C

You have created a multichannel file with two spot color channels. There are no other channels inn the file. Which file format should you use when saving the file?
D. Adobe Photoshop DCS 2.0
Correct Answer: D

You have created a banner for your Web page that includes fully transparent areas. Which two file formats preserve transparency when you save the file? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AD

You make a selection by using the rectangular marquee. How do you modify the selection marquee without effecting the image?
A. choose Edit>Free Transform
B. choose Select>Transform Selection
C. choose Filter>Distort and select an option
D. choose Edit>Transform and select and option
Correct Answer: B

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