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How are cached usernames and passwords cleared from the memory of a R71 Security Gateway?
A. By retrieving LDAP user information using the command fw f etchldap
B. By using the Clear User Cache button in Smart Dashboard
C. Usernames and password only clear from memory after they time out
D. By installing a Security Policy
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

When you use the Global Properties default settings on R71. Which type of traffic will be dropped?
A. RIP traffic
B. Smart Update connections
C. Outgoing traffic originating from the Security Gateway
D. Firewall logging and ICA key-exchange information
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: A

URL Filtering Policy ran make exceptions for specific sites by being enforced?
A. Only for specific sources and destinations
B. For all traffic, except on specific sources and destinations
C. For all traffic, except blocked sites
D. For all traffic, There are no exceptions
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: B

You are the Security Administrate for university The University’s FTP servers have old hardware and software. Certain FTP command causes the FTP servers to malfunction Upgrading the FTP servers is not an optional this time. Where you can define blocked FTP commands passing through the Security Gateway protecting the FTP servers?
A. IPS > Protections > By Protocol > IPS Software Blade > Application Intelligence > FTP > FTP advanced protections>FTP Commands
B. FTP Service Object > Advanced > Blocked FTP Commands
C. Global Properties > Firewall > Security Server > Allowed FTP Commands
D. Rule Base > Service Field > Edit Properties
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: A

Spoofing is a method of:
A. Hiding your firewall from unauthorized users.
B. Disguising an illegal IP address behind an authorized IP address through port address Translation.
C. Making packets appear as if they come from an authorized IP address
D. Detecting people using false or wrong authentication logins.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: C

You plan to migrate a Windows NG with Application Intelligence (Ai) R55 SmartCener server to R71. You also plan to upgrade four VPN-1 pro Gateways at remote offices and one local VPN-1 pro gateway at your company’s head quarter to R71. The management server configuration must be migrated. What is the correct procedure to migrate the configuration?
A. 1. Upgrade the remote gateway via smartUpdate.
2. upgrade the security management server, using the R71 CD
B. 1. From the R71 CD-ROM on the security management server, select Upgrade
2.Reboot after installation and upgrade all licenses via SmartUpdate
3.Reinstall all gateways using R 70 and install a policy
C. 1. Copy the $PWDIR\ conf directory from the security management server
2.Save directory contents to another file server
3.Uninstall the security management server, and install anew security management server
4.Move the saved directory contents to $ PWDIR\conf replacing the default installation files
5.Reinstall all gateways using R71 and install a security policy
D. 1. From the R71 CD- ROM in the security management server, select export
2.Install R 70 on a new PC using the option installation using imported configuration
3.Reboot after installation and update all licenses via smartUpdate
4.Upgrade software on all five remote Gateway via SmartUpdate
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

When john first installed the system, he forgets to configure DNS servers on the security Gateway. How could John configure DNS servers now that his security gateway is in production?
A. Login to the firewall using SSH and run cpconfig, than select domain name servers
B. Login to the firewall using SSH and run fwn, than select system configuration and domain name servers.
C. Login to the smart dashboard, edit the firewall gate object, select the tab interface, than domain name servers
D. Login to the firewall using SSH and run sysconfig, then select domain name servers.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

You have an NGX R65 have gateway running on Security platform. The Gateway also serves as a Policy Server. When you run patch add CD from security Gateway R71 CD-ROM. what does this command allow you to upgrade?
A. Only the R71 Security Gateway
B. Only the patch utility is upgraded using this command
C. All products, except the Policy Server
D. Both the operating system and all Check Point products
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which of the following explanations best describes the command fw logswitch {-h taeget} {+ 1 -} {oldlog}
A. Display a remote machine’s log-file list.
B. Control Kernel
C. Display protocol Hosts
D. Create a new Log file. The old log has moved
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which of the following uses the same key to decrypt as it does to encrypt?
A. Asymmetric encryption
B. Symmetric encryption
C. Certificate-based encryption
D. Dynamic encryption
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: B

NAT can be implemented on which of the following lists of objects?
A. Domain network
B. Host network
C. Host user
D. Network, Dynamic Object
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which security servers can perform authentication task, but CANNOT perform content security tasks?
C. Telnet
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C

Central license management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following functions? 1) Check for expired licenses. 2) Sort licenses and view license properties 3) Attach both R71 Central and Local licenses to a remote module 4) Delete both R71 Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module 5) Add or remove a license to or from the license repository 6) Attach and/or delete only R71 Central licenses to a remote module (not local licenses)
A. 2.5.&6
B. 2.3.4.&5
C. L 2. 5.& 6
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which smear view tracker selection would most effectively show who installed a security policy blocking all traffic from the corporate network?
A. Custom filter
B. Network and Endpoint tab
C. Management Tab
D. Active tab
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C

Identify the ports to which the Client authentication daemon listens default?
A. 256, 600
B. 80, 256
C. 8080, 529
D. 259, 900
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: D

Select the correct statement about secure internal communication (S|C) certificates, S|C certificates?
A. Increase network security by securing administrative communication with a two factor challenge response authentication.
B. Uniquely identify the machines installed with check point software only. They have the same function as RSA authentication certificates.
C. Are for security Gateways created during the security management server installation.
D. Can be used for securing internal network communication between the security gateway and an OPSEC device.
98-367 dumps Correct Answer: D

What is the syntax for uninstalling a package using newpkg?
A. -s (pathname of package)
B. -u (pathname of package)
C. Newpkg CANNOT be used to install
D. -i (full pathname of package)
98-367 pdf Correct Answer: C QUESTION 251

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