how to hang a door
October 22, 2021

Hang a New Door – Steps to Check Out

By Cris

New doors will completely transform your new home look. However, if you are looking to make any change to the door without calling the professional –it is important to learn how to hang a door, in this post we will check out how you can do it yourself.

Before taking up any do-it-yourself project, it is very important that you prepare all the tool needed to fix the job and have confident of using items like chisel and saw, but besides this, it is about doing it in a right way when it comes to hanging door and ensure that the task is easily and speedily.

how to hang a door

Frame Different Kinds of Doors Rightly

Steps you have to follow to frame a new door generally depend upon what kind of frame you want to install. For the new exterior door, it is necessary to cut down the current wall before you attach headers and studs.

For framing the closet door, you must build the header and place it in a right way. To frame the interior doorway, begin by building your wall flat on floor. Though exact procedure differs, some decisions have to be done for all the door frames, like whether you must go for metal or wood studs. It helps you to determine all your choices so that you will be able to make the right choice for the home.

Measure Rough Opening for the Door

Removing your old door and its frame can help you measure any rough opening. First measure the width and height of the door opening at the top & bottom. You will require certain level to check out both the opening sides. They do not have to be plumb however it must be close to make sure the frame and door fit perfectly.

If you are planning to install the pocket door or barn door, you will have to make some changes to its rough opening. For the barn door, you will have to add the frame & casing to cover its edges of opening. For the pocket door, you will have to remove any drywall from its side of opening to add the pocket frame.

Time to Hang Your Door

Check out how you need to hang the door. Hold your door open on the wedges & screw hinges to its frame using one screw at a time. Every screw head has to be flush and with the flap surface. After that check door opens & closes smoothly. You need to fix remaining screws properly.